Monday, August 04, 2003

Even Spiritual Leaders Don't Get It

There is a huge crisis in the Catholic priesthood that has to be addressed. It relates to what I've written below on sex and the Christian.

For most people there are two ways to view sex. 1). It's great and should be indulged in often whenever the opportunity arises, 2) It's evil and should be avoided at all costs. Both are ways a "fallen" world views.

The Christian view is that sex has a purpose both unitive and procreative. It is a sign of the creative love that God has for us.

Think of the sad state of the church when after a year of non-stop coverage of priestly sex crimes in the press, that priests are still out there doing such things as this priest did last week. It is sad, and I believe further evidence that even our spiritual leaders have forgotten the difference that Christ can make in our lives.

We should pray and expect that things will change as we ourselves allow Our Lord to change us.

From WCPO:

"A Tri-state priest is on leave after pleading no contest to engaging in sexual misconduct in a Dayton, Ohio park.

The incident happened more than a week ago, but the priest continued serving in his Green Township parish until Friday morning.

This is a new kind of scandal to confront the Archdiocese of Cincinnati: it doesn't involve a priest sexually abusing a child, but a priest soliciting sex in a park. "