Monday, August 25, 2003

Cleveland "Embraces" Changes For the Sake of Change?

This is wrong...Catholics to change Communion ritual

The only change that is mandated in the new GIRM and it is an adaptation by the US bishops is bowing before receiving communion. None of these other changes has anything to do with the revised GIRM and I can't believe the reporter of this story or some other people in the Diocese of Cleveland haven't pointed this out to Father J. Glenn Murray!

This is horrible! It is another example of someone "mandating" there personal tastes and using the Vatican as the excuse. What is even more pathetic about it is that it makes the changes seem as though they are liberal, when in fact the changes all aim to reign in extraordinary eucharistic ministers etc.

Catholics in Cleveland should rise up and lodge a protest against the Office of Pastoral Liturgy and have Father Murray point out to all exactly where in the Revised GIRM it says to "embrace" during the sign of peace (it doesn't--tells the priest to stay up by the altar unless it's a wedding or funeral), "lift up your hands" during the Our Father (doesn't only the priest is required to do this, no one else) or to continue standing while everyone else is receiving (doesn't). Accretions, things added to the liturgy were one of the things that Vatican II tried to get strip from the liturgy, it amazes me how "liturgist" are constantly trying to add new ones in the name of "Vatican II."

For a more positive take on something going on in Cleveland, check out the book reviewed below: