Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Amy Continues with More GIRM Misuse

open book:

"Go back and read the notorious section 43 (in the Adoremus link). This priest is implying that standing through the communion rite is the norm, mandated in the GIRM. It's not. In fact, the implication of the last paragraph of the section that kneeling after the Agnus Dei is the norm, although a bishop may make another decision.

This seems like a minor point, but it's not really, because it's symbolic. If those bishops want to know what's going wrong in this Church at that September 8 meeting, if they have any time left after going over the rot of secrecy about clerical sexual abuse and episcopal responsibility, they might turn their eyes to how the GIRM is being implemented in their dioceses. It is the perfect example of what happens, and what has been happening for forty years in the US: Directives come from Rome, are adapted by the US, as is our right and responsibility, and then are simply ignored or deliberately misinterpreted by a whole layer of Church employees who have their own agendas, and then blindly accepted by the faithful because it's a priest or nun telling them that this is the way it should be so sure, it must be true, because you know a priest or nun wouldn't lie."