Saturday, July 26, 2003

Nuns Receive Prison Sentence

I'm all for non-violent protest and I'm all for peace and against war. But I agree with this sentence, mainly because these good sisters were not non-violent in their protest and because the time they serve will give them a chance to live in community for awhile.

From MSNBC-Nuns sentenced for antiwar protest:

"As for vandalizing the silo, Hudson said: “When someone holds a gun to your head or someone else’s head, do you not have a right and a duty to enter that arena and stop that crime?”

Many of those outside court waved antiwar banners, including one that read: “No Blood for Oil.”

The Roman Catholic nuns are longtime antiwar activists. Platte and Gilbert lived in a Baltimore activist community founded by the late peace activist Philip Berrigan. Hudson lived in a similar community in Poulsbo, Wash.

After their arrest, the women chose to stay in jail, refusing the government’s offer to release them on their own recognizance."