Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Miracle for Anne Catherine Emerich Cause Happened in 1880!

Proof that the Church moves slowly on these matters.

From Zenit News Agency:

"The Church's recent recognition of a miracle has opened the doors to beatification for Anna Katharina Emmerick, a stigmatist and mystic whose written experience of Christ's life affects Christians today.

The miracle, attributed to this Augustinian religious, occurred in Germany in 1880; it was officially recognized by the Holy See on July 7, 2003. Although disabled, she developed a fruitful apostolate by writing about her personal experiences of the life of Christ.

On September 8, 1774, Anna Katharina Emmerick was born in a poor farm of the village of Flamske, in Coesfeld, the diocese of Munster, Westphalia, in Northeastern Germany, and was baptized the same day of her birth.

Beginning at 4 years of age, she had frequent visions of the history of salvation. After many difficulties caused by the family's poverty and opposition to her choice of a religious life, she entered the convent at Agnetenberg, in Dulmen, at 28.

After the civil authorities suppressed the convent, she moved to a private home. From 1813 onwards, sickness kept her immobile.

'She bore the stigmata of the Lord's Passion and received extraordinary charisms that she used to console numerous visitors. From her bed, she carried out an important and fruitful apostolate,' Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, said when reading the decree of recognition of a miracle before John Paul II.

Beginning that year, she was nourished strictly by Holy Communion, and endured exhaustive investigations by the diocese, Bonaparte's police, and the authorities.