Tuesday, July 08, 2003

A Jewish Woman and the Pope

Dr. Lena Allen Shore's books Building Bridges: Pope John Paul II and the Horizon of Life is now available.

I worked on this book with Dr. Allen Shore for a number of years but in the end we did not publish it, but I highly recommend it. Dr. Shore has had a personal relationship with the Pope (they both grew up in Poland at roughly the same time), for the past twenty years and regularly communicates with him.

She is a fascinating woman who lives now in Philadelphia. She and her parents survived the Shoah by pretending to be Catholic. Now the Pope regularly advises her to "be herself." A reference I think to the many years, the formative years of her life where to be herself would have meant certian death in a concentration camp.

Two fascinating people brought together in the twilight of their lives to "build a bridge."