Thursday, July 31, 2003

Hoax Perp May be Arrested Soon

From the Indianapolis Star:

"The woman who fooled an Indiana family with her claim to be their abducted daughter may be arrested in a few days, an Indiana State Police detective said this morning.

Donna L. Walker of Topeka, Kan., faces charges of identity deception, a felony, and a misdemeanor count of false reporting.
'We're hopeful to have her in custody in a few days,' Lt. Jeff Heck said today on NBC's 'Today' show.

Appearing with Heck was Mike Sherrill, still reeling from having his hopes dashed that his daughter would be returned after 17 years.
Sherrill, his former wife, Dorothy Sherrill, and other family members learned that they were victims of a hoax shortly before a press conference Wednesday when police revealed the scheme."

I have a problem with the way the Indiana State Police kept the family in suspense. This seems almost as criminal as what the woman did to them by raising their hopes.

I also think there is more to this story that will come out when the woman is arrrested. She would have been 19 at the time that the Sherrill's daughter disappeared. Might she have been involved in some way with the disappearance? Could there be an element of truth in all of this deception? A guilty conscience returning to the scene of the crime? I'm betting that there is a connection. We'll see.