Wednesday, April 09, 2003


Pope John Paul shown here posing with a group of Italian Army soldiers said..." " (feel free to add your humorous comment)

You probably haven't heard anything about what the Pope condemned yesterday.

From Yahoo News:

Pope John Paul appealed to Congolese leaders on Wednesday to bring an end to "massacres and summary executions" in the African country where nearly 1,000 civilians were reported killed by rival tribesmen last week.

"I make a grief-stricken appeal to the responsible commit themselves to stop the violence and abuses of power, putting aside personal interests and those of groups, with the cooperation of the international community," the 82-year-old Roman Catholic leader told pilgrims gathered in St Peter's Square.

Witnesses told U.N. investigators 966 civilians were shot and hacked to death on Thursday in the Ituri province in what may have been the worst atrocity in the Democratic Republic of Congo's 4-1/2 year war.

It occurred a day after a final peace deal was signed by leading parties involved in the many-sided conflict, which at one point involved six foreign armies.