Tuesday, April 01, 2003

The Weapon of "MASS" Instruction!

If you are Catholic, contemplating becoming Catholic, or just interested in what Catholics do every Sunday this is the book to explain it all to you in an easy to understand format! Is the Mass Biblical? Does it date back to the time of Christ? What do all those strange words like "hosanna" and even "amen" mean? Plus tips on:

How to "get" more out of the Mass!

How to hear a great homily at every Mass!

How to really receive Christ at Mass!

In short this is the book that will destroy any ignorance you might have when it comes to the Mass!

Image of Virgin Owned by Iraqi Woman in Detroit

Found at Visions of Jesus Christ.com:

The mother told me, that when she saw the oil-drenched icon, she felt a message in her heart - that it had to do with peace with Iraq. (the oil has kept coming up until a number of months ago, when it became just a trickle, and now has stopped...!) The lady grew up an orphan, and Jesus and His Mother became her constant companions in prayer, talking to Them as though they were physically present in the rooms with her. At the time of the miraculous flowing of oil, America was already at odds with Iraq, and she hesitated to even use the word Iraq to tell me where she was from, and said instead that she was from "Babylonia". I feel the oil was a sign of Mercy from God regarding our dealings with Iraq, but now the time of Mercy has "run out"...