Thursday, April 10, 2003

Pope During Weekly Audience

I think he is fed up with some of the posts left in the comments here who accuse him of not caring about people.

I have restrained myself from showing pictures of children with amputated limbs and other horific civilian injuries etc on this site. I try to maintain a balance of presenting some objective view that I feel I have gotten from some of the international news networks. But there are a lot out there who think that those news agencies (most of whom are not involved in this war on either side) are the presenters of propaganda.

Then there are those who think that the decision to go to war has been vindicated because people are cheering the coalition forces, who have totally wiped out the Iraqi military. I have only to remind you that a few days ago when Saddam was in power they were cheering wildly for him. Under the threat of violence you say? Oh and I guess they don't feel that threat from us?

War is hell both for our troops and for the people who have to live through it. We have had a taste of that on 9/11/01 and I doubt any one of us would want to be in a place where buildings were crumbling around us. The superiority of our forces begs the question--couldn't we have taken Saddam Hussein out without going to war? Locally three very young men have giving their lives for this cause. They are gone. Would you sacrifice your son for this war? Its glib to say you support the war and then sit back while someone else's child fights for you.

We have demonstrated that we are far superior with our technology to anyone out there. Is war even necessary anymore?

I do stand with the Pope and his call for peace. I have prayed for peace and protection very actively since 9/11 awoke me from my complacency. I hope those who get angry at the notion of "praying for peace" will see that we are all ultimately wanting the same result but the question is how best to acheive it.

Has it been prayers or armaments that have won the day so far? Only God knows the answer to that.