Sunday, April 13, 2003

The Passion of Pope John Paul II

The pope once praised near and far nowadays seems to come under attack from every sector. Governments are critical of his pleas for peace. Once loyal Catholics now wonder loudly why he hasn't done more in response to clergy abuse cases world wide and many conservative Catholics ignore his questioning of the war in Iraq as nothing binding as they choose loyalty to country over and against loyalty to how he interprets Christ's message. Truly the John Paul's suffering on this Palm Sunday is not just physical but certianly he like Christ is undergoing a passsion where it seems that all are abandoning him. One can hear from the crowds, "we have no king but Caesar" as Catholics more and more choose to let the political realm guide their daily lives while ignoring the demands of the Gospel.

Less I like Peter claim my allegiance to fast, I will only say that I pray for the Pope daily and invite all the readers of this blog to do the same.