Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Not Sure if this in English or Not

From Southwest Florida's Information Leader:

"The Great Friend" was published Tuesday by the tiny Kwadrat publishing house in the southern city of Krakow, where Karol Wojtyla lived for 40 years before being appointed pope in October 1978. The publishing house initially printed 2,000 copies of the paperback, priced at $8.

"As a witness, I wanted to show how facts from his earlier life influenced and helped him as pope - the gift of speaking clearly to an audience, the strong voice, the unfailing memory, the gestures," Halina Kwiatkowska said of her 160-page book.

Manager Jacek Stroka said he persuaded Kwiatkowska to write the book to mark 25 years of John Paul's pontificate, 45 years since Wojtyla became a bishop and 65 years since both graduated from high school.