Thursday, April 03, 2003

The New Ruler of Babylon?

I made my monthly visit to Sam's Club last night and as usual purveyed what books they are currently offering.

I used to think you had it made when you found one of your books in stock at a Borders or Barnes and Nobles but alas that glory has passed. Now I long for the day when Sam's Club will carry my books.

Anyway it is very instructive (in that it is a good barometer of what American's are buying) to see what they are carrying. On this visit I spyed Queen Noor's book, Rudy's latest book, all the usual diet books and a stash of books by an author I have never heard of about Biblical prophecies of "Babylon" and the end of the world. Nothing new about this last idea but obviously the Sam's marketers realize that this is currently a "hot topic."

It is then that the irony struck. For years people have referred to various parts of the U.S. as "Babylon"--New York and Hollywood come to mind. Right now the United States the most powerful nation in the world occupies the real Babylon. What will the fundamentalist Christians make of this? For years it has been easy to project anti-Christ status on Saddam Hussein but what now after he is gone?

Stay tuned...

Meanwhile-What are the Russians up to?