Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I've Been Nailed by Mark Shea!

Sean Gallagher sent out an email informing us of his little town in Indiana's attempt to protest the French by changing the name of there yearly art festival from "Tray Chic" to something less Frankish. Mark Shea responded with:

Oh brother. What's next? Declare war on Des Moines, Baton Rouge, Pend Oreille for their dangerously unpatriotic names? I enjoy loathing the French as much as the next guy, but I enjoy loathing faux patriotic political gasbags even more. It's as American as apple pie.

Oddly, some of the victims of the French Revolution were executed for failing to change their names (they were deemed guilty of the crime of having the same name as other people the Committee for Public Safety deemed enemies of the Revolution).

By the way, I think that explains Mike Dubruiel's manifest guilt, don't you? If he was a genuine 100% American he'd have done something about that French-sounding name wouldn't he? Huh? Wouldn't he?

Don't even try to defend yourself, you cunning Gallic swine! In *my* country, you're guilty until proven Anglo-Saxon, bub

I would only add that I'm also Polish on my mother's side --which might explain a lot too, including my fidelity to the man pictured below: