Friday, March 21, 2003

Witnesses Saw Saddam Being Wheeled Away After Attack

From : U.S. Officials: Saddam Seen on Gurney:

U.S. intelligence sources say Saddam Hussein was seen being wheeled out of a Baghdad residential complex on a stretcher Wednesday night (U.S. time) after the complex was struck in "decapitation attacks" by the United States.

Eyewitnesses saw the Iraqi leader being taken from the complex on a "gurney, with an oxygen mask over his face," the officials told ABCNEWS.
Sources say there was clearly a U.S. observer nearby, watching the complex.

Intelligence sources also said there has been a significant lack of communications between Saddam and his military structure since the airstrike.

They are optimistic that Saddam received injuries in the attack, though they are cautious about the extent of possible injuries.