Saturday, March 01, 2003

Pope Sending Envoy to United States

American Catholics have a problem thinking of themselves as the recipient of a papal envoy to urge us to avoid war. The Catholic bloggers on the internet show the angst that Americans feel in the struggle of loyalty to our Country and loyalty to Christ.

As someone who served three years in the United States Army I have often been amazed at how people who have never served in the military nor have children in the military are cavalier in their support of us going to war in any circumstance. Some of those who are pro-war might consider their own willingness to join the battle or have their loved ones risk their life to defend the cause.

We have a congressman who was raised a Menonite, was totally anti-war during the Vietnam era, was a conscientious objector when he was drafted and now regularly speaks out in favor of war. What gives?

I can totally understand those who live in New York and Washington wanting to lash out in anger against someone for the pain that they have personally experienced. But the doesn't the Gospel of Jesus Christ call us to something more than our natural urges? And for those who cannot stand the hypocrisy of politicians who claim to be Catholic but support abortion--are they any different if they call themselves followers of Christ and support the killing of innocents for any reason? I know there are those who equate Saddam Hussein with Hitler and say the Iraqi people are his puppets. Then by all means take him out in the same way that moralists argue that Hitler should have been taken out before his violence and insanity spread--but don't attack the puppets.

From the left coast.