Monday, March 24, 2003

Interesting Tale of About the Pope

Peter Vere relates an incident that he heard while attending a prolife conference in Canada some years ago that relates to the Pope and gives him a good reason to feel confident in trusting the Holy Father's view of things.

From the Envoy Magazine Blog:

One of the speakers worked in the Vatican, and he told us the following story of an incident he witnessed between the Holy Father and a bishop from East Germany. Basically, the bishop snuck through the iron curtain on a semi-regular basis to update the Holy Father on what was going on back in East Germany while still under communist rule. As the Holy Father listened to this bishop's report, his fingers were making their way through the mysteries of the Rosary.

As soon as the East German bishop finished his report, the Holy Father paused for a moment to collect his thoughts, then informed the bishop he was being named the new bishop of a see in West Germany.

"But Your Holiness," the bishop protested, "I could never take this appointment. I have spent my entire priesthood strengthening the faith of my flock in the face of communist persecution, encouraging them to persevere despite the dangerous conditions. To accept this transfer now would only bring more discouragement, as my people would feel that I abandonned them."

"Do not worry," the Holy Father replied, "it is all coming down."

"What is?" the bishop asked.

"All of it," Pope John Paul II answered.

"How do you know? Who told you?"

The Holy Father paused for a second, lifted his Rosary toward the sky, the said: "She told me."

Less than six months later, the Berlin wall fell.