Friday, August 23, 2002

He thought he was to be interviewed about Elvis

The Ozzy Interview He Doesn't Want You to See (

According to a source, Greta asked Ozzy only one question about Elvis; the rest of the interview was "like a therapy session for Ozzy -- he unloaded for an hour."

So expect to learn little if anything about Elvis Presley on tonight's Ozzycast. You will, however, learn that: Ozzy is a Frank Sinatra fan, Ozzy thinks that Anna Nicole Smith's reality show is no competition, Ozzy is praying for Sharon, Ozzy hasn't been doing well at Ozzfest because Sharon isn't there, Sharon sent the kids to Ozzfest to take care of Ozzy, Ozzy's not good at hearing bad news like Sharon's cancer, Ozzy's falling apart more than she is, Ozzy went back to Ozzfest after taking a week off to be with Sharon because he was driving her crazy, Ozzy cried for a week when he found out about her cancer, and, finally, that Ozzy is "a complete nervous wreck."

Didn't he notice that the questions weren't about Elvis?