Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Another side of Father Doc Ortman

This is in reference to a post on Amy's blog and when you read this piece I think you'll conclude that Father may be a bit confused because he seems to be very pro-life but incapable of dealing with a candidate (Amy's page) who is pro choice. The problem isn't really the priest but the overall leadership of the Church in this country which does not take the radical step of excommunicating those who are responsible for making and keeping the killing of innocent life in this country legal. Father is probably a good and loyal priest trying to help his parishioners make sense of this but having to say some really stupid things to do so

Credo November 19, 2001 Crosses illustrate fact, draw controversy in Plymouth

When the Christian Service Committee at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Plymouth Township erected a large anti-abortion display of white crosses on church property at Beck and North Territorial roads, they hoped it would make passersby think about the thousands of babies killed by abortion in the U.S. every day.

If controversy is a barometer, their goal was accomplished. Fr. Doc Ortman, associate pastor at OLGC, said they received some 50 calls about the display.

“Most of the calls were the ‘how dare you’ calls,” he said. “My response was: ‘How dare we not.’ We are talking about life here. We are talking about respect for life in all stages.

“It was unbelievable the response,” he continued. “I was shocked, but what we were really shocked about was that a number of calls were from our own parishioners.”

The 2,200 small white crosses are part of a traveling display that churches and organizations can obtain from Right to Life - Lifespan of Metro Detroit and set up for one or two weeks. A banner explains that each cross represents two babies killed by abortion, bringing the daily total to about 4,400 lives lost.