Friday, June 14, 2002

On the day that I was to move north to take a job in little Hungtington, IN I turned on the radio. Paul Harvey was on and the tale he was telling was of men coming to to a motel in Huntington and leaving awhile later with less of their body. It made me do a double take and for a second I almost turned the car around to head back to Florida were such an issue might only happen in the shark invested waters. Anyway Nancy Nall recounts the tale on her web page today:

Fort Wayne is hardly ever ahead of the curve, but I think we may find ourselves there on the admittedly puzzling issue of voluntary castration, which has the world scratching its head over the latest public case of same. Regular readers, and residents of some duration in northeast Indiana, will recall the case of Edward Bodkin, aka "Odd Bodkin," a Huntington man who invited the amazement and disgust of the world when his own discount gelding service was busted a few years ago. (Alex reports the amusing news that the arrest, and subsequent media coverage, did serve the useful purpose of delaying Dan Quayle's entry into the presidential race by a few weeks, as his planned announcement in his family values-lovin' hometown would have clashed unattractively with a story about a freaky weirdo clippin' gentlemen callers in that very same town.) These stories just can't help but satisfy, as they inevitably contain such a wealth of amusing/stomach-turning detail. Odd Bodkin kept his bounty in jars all around his kitchen; the latest case, involving a Taiwanese man operating in the Detroit area, also featured gruesome preservation of the jewels, this time in the refrigerator.