Thursday, June 13, 2002

In case you missed it, here are the transcripts of The Church on Trial from 60 Minutes II.

I know there are some who will imediately claim media bias, but I'd have to say that I thought the reporting was incredibly fair. Some of those interviewed have lost their faith, some have not. But what came through most of all was how inadequate the bishops have been in handling any of these cases in even the most primitive of Christian ways.

Bishop Gregory, who was the only bishop to agree to be interviewed, comes across as genuine and Christian. He is a convert and gives us all hope, since he is in charge of this meeting. The pope should send over his exorcist for some of the other's--when Paul VI said that the "smoke of satan had entered into the church" he wasn't kidding. As much as I know about abuse within the Church, I found the way these victims have been treated to be reprehensible. A reform of the episcopacy is long overdue and needs to be stripped of any of the trappings of corporate America and to be modeled upon Christ.

When I searched for the link for 60 minutes, I came across the version of 60 minutes in Australia. They had recently done a story on Archbishop Pell there--same mode of operating. Horrible!

Pray that this will not be business as usual, pray that some of the holy bishops will not sheepishly stay silent while the political and corporate bishops run the show. Pray!