Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Frank Bruni, co-author of The Gospel of Shame which is being rereleased with a new preface and epilogue was on IMUS in the Morning this A.M. When asked if the current crisis in the priesthood was a "homosexual" problem. Bruni skated all around the issue, saying that it was an issue of pedophilia. I found myself once again growing angry with those who are incapable of reporting anything factually, because it is politically incorrect. At some point they made fun of Bruni and his inability to tell the truth about his book.

IMUS has been tough on the Church throughout this crisis, but they were tough on Bruni this morning wondering out loud whether he were nothing but an opportunist trying to make a buck off of the tragedy of others sufferings. They made him vow to give some of his earnings to victims. He said that he would give some money, probably not to the victims of priests but to some other sexual victims.