Sunday, June 09, 2002

Arrived home in Fort Wayne last night after a long day. I awoke at 5:15 and attended the monastic prayer at 5:30-8 a.m. Then had some breakfast before heading over to the library to find that it was closed. This totally destroyed my planned day of work on finishing up my book. But there were pictures to take and a bookstore to visit, so the day wasn't a total waste. But I sure was zonked when I got back home.

On Friday, I gave my talk at the NCCE Convention. It was well received. Everyone always wants to know how to get published but few want to do the work involved for it to actually happen. I was impressed by the people that attended and their questions.

Later, I met with Bishop Dolan at the Chancery in St. Louis. We had a pleasant conversation. Hopefully, he will be made bishop of a major see in the U.S. and soon.

Then it was off to St. Meinrad where I arrived just in time to have dinner with the monks. Normally an affair that is in total silence except for the table reading, this was not the case this evening because of it being the Feast of the Sacred Heart, so after a short reading from the Rule of St. Benedict about idle chatter--a bell was rung and I engaged in idle chatter with the monk that was next to me.

After dinner the abbot walked me around the grounds showing me some of the latest technology that has been intalled in a whole wing of classrooms. I was impressed! There must be a new springtime on the horizon for the church and the Holy Spirit is moving these communities to prepare for it.