Thursday, May 23, 2002

The stigmatic priest who has been on tour of the US left with a message that has upset some. I notice in the story that he was under the spiritual care of Father Andrew Apostoli while in the States. I'll have to see if Father Andrew can give me any other details that I can pass on to you. From the New York Post:

"I know there are many evil people who want to take a piece of this land away from you. Be very strong," he repeated several times at the outdoor Mass. "Be careful this summer."

"I am offering this Holy Mass for the protection of this land, your buildings, your airports, bridges, tunnels, your air and your sea," Sudac said at the beginning of the three-hour service.

He also added, "God does permit things during certain seasons." He did not elaborate.

Also read Rod Dreher's comments about Sudac in the Corner. A very moving story.