Friday, May 31, 2002

Some notes of interest from our Chicago wanderings:

Soldier Field is in ruins.

John Allen of NCR thinks the Nicaraguan Cardinal will be the next Pope. (My vote--but I don't have one of course--goes to Cardinal Arinze or my #1 pick, Francis Xavier Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan) Click on Cardinal Van Thuan's name for info on his books detailing his 12 years of imprisonment, click on Cardinal Arinze's name for a book that I worked with him on.

Turns out that:
"the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil yet discovered" is smaller than an elephant.

Father Bernard Bro is writing a new book in French and there are plans to translate it in English.

John Foppe
is just as neat a guy in person as he seemed when I read about him and talked with him a few years ago on the phone.

There are people who read this blog outside of Indiana. One of them is associated with this site.

One diocese supposedly is doing exorcisms around the clock because of the problems you and I are reading about.

Campus Ministry is dominated by aged 60 plus nuns who don't wear habits and pray to the four winds--which in a round bout way fits because it harkens back to the Tridentine Mass (if they know that perhaps they'll stop).

Residence Inn is the place to stay if you are traveling with the family.

You can get a good meal at Harry Carry's in Chicago.

Contemporary art still sucks-(I'll give a separate entry to this above in a few minutes). But everything that came before it can help you to see life in a completely different light.

The Art Institute of Chicago is a great art museum.

The Daughters of St. Paul have nice Catholic Bookstores. The one in Chicago, typical of their stores has a Chapel inside.

Mary Louise Kurey has a new boyfriend who shares her views on chastity and religion. If you want her to come and speak at your school, visit her site for contact info--or visit it to buy her book detailing a former Miss Wisconsin who is a virgin.