Friday, May 24, 2002

A Priest in Michigan Offers the Following Suggestion:

I am currently organizing what I am tentatively calling a "Prayer Vigil for Holiness" to coincide with the Bishops' meeting in
Dallas June 13-15. I'm trying to spread the word to priests and concerned Catholics across the country, to do something similar. The idea is this: two nights of prayer for our bishops and the Church in this country while the bishops are meeting to discuss the clergy abuse scandal and adopt measures to repair the damage. I am adopting several prayer intentions in general for the Vigil:

1. For the bishops themselves, that in their meeting they will be open to the Holy Spirit’s call to zeal and holiness, and that they will address the scandal and issues it has raised with courage, prudence, and fidelity to Catholic teaching.

2. That our bishops would be emboldened to act courageously as shepherds and speak out prophetically in defense of chastity and purity, in the face of a culture that belittles them.

3. For priests, for their encouragement in this time of difficulty, that theylive as counter-cultural signs of God’s salvation given to us in
Christ. That they might live in ever greater fidelity to the teaching of the Church and their own vows.

4. For the victims of abuse, that they know that Christ suffers with them, and that the Church reaches out to them with compassion and love, and that they might be healed of the injury and pain that they have experienced.

5. That God would call many young men to follow Christ in the priesthood, and that those men will be open to hearing the call and respond generously.

6. For Catholics everywhere, that they will support their priests and bishops when they speak in defense of Catholic teaching, and boldly live out that teaching themselves. That all Catholics would rededicate themselves to strive for the virtues of purity and chastity.