Tuesday, May 28, 2002

One thing you can say about President Bush is that he pretty much says whatever is on his mind. Apparently he was shocked by the Pope's condition:

As Bush was leaving the Vatican after 20 minutes of private talks, the Pope, whose physical frailty has led to speculation he may retire early rather than rule for life, said "God Bless America" and told Bush:

"I hope to be able to meet you again."

Of course it would be ironic if the Pope outlives him.

After the two sat down, the Pope smiled and brought his hands to his head, shielding his head from photographers' flashguns in a joking gesture.

"They'll make you look good, your holy father," Bush responded, combining the two phrases that are normally used to address the Pope -- "your holiness" and "holy father."

Sometimes you wonder what is on his mind.

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