Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Alan Keyes is Making Sense

Here is the quote about what the bishops should be about:

First, truth. First, you do what corresponds to truth and right and justice and integrity. And then I think it‘s quite obvious that you leave the rest in God‘s hands. We‘re supposed to walk by faith, not by some calculation of our assets, whether as individuals or as a church.

And I think we need to start showing the courage of that faith, to simply look for truth, acknowledge it, act according to it. I think God will take care of the church‘s assets if the most important spiritual and moral assets are preserved. The rest of them won‘t mean a thing if we destroy that which is the heart of our faith. And I feel it very strongly. And I think there are some prelates who aren‘t showing that priority right now. And that‘s part of what‘s damaging the church.

The transcripts for the show are posted here.