Thursday, April 11, 2002

One of our diversions on our recent trip home from NJ was to stop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art , granted for a very brief visit for such a large museum. With a baby who is fine as long as you are moving, stopping to meditate on any one piece was not the order of the day, but nevertheless we did manage to take in a glimpse of the various galleries.

The museum was featuring the art of Barnett Newman. One of his seminal works is "The Stations of the Cross," this interested me and I immediately went to see it. There is a sampling here for your pleasure or puzzlement. Essentially this series of paintings focuses on white painted canvas, or sometimes-unpainted canvas with a vertical black line. I am very familiar with the stations, having written a "Biblical Way of the Cross" with my wife Amy some years ago, and also having prayed them all of my life (excluding the first seven years). I could not make heads or tails of what Newman was going for, was the dark line representing the cross or some internal feeling? I have no idea.

I had hoped to provide other links to some of the pieces that I particularly enjoyed, but it seems that they have a very limited amount of their collection posted online.