Wednesday, April 24, 2002

How to handle a "scandal." I have personally witnessed two potential scandals and two different ways of dealing with it. One involved a seminary rector and a number of bishops were involved (they covered it up for as long as they could --several years and then all hell broke loose), the other involved a principal at a Jesuit school (more on this below) where the Jesuit President of the school gathered the entire student body with teachers and we all found out about the allegation at the same time (hell never broke out--the students who were not noteworthy for comportment handled it like men). Cover-up I have found only leads to a bigger scandal, truth extinguishes scandal.

There is a news story today of another incident being handled by the same school I once taught at and if you read the story you'll see the Jesuits are still doing it the same way (at least in the New Orleans province):

The announcement was met by stunned silence.