Thursday, April 11, 2002

From a talk that Archbishop Chaput gave last week near Chicago:

In their efforts to be more open to the world since the Second Vatican Council, Catholics may have "been too comfortable and accommodating," Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver told a national meeting of the Institute on Religious Life.

"We've listened to the world too politely when it lies about abortion, or contraception, or divorce, or the death penalty, or our obligations to the poor, or the rights of undocumented workers, or the real meaning of pluralism, or our international responsibilities -- and we haven't shouted out the truth,"

I agree with everything that he says and could add a number of things that the bishops haven't shouted out that are true. I think that all of the current revelations that are going on are the reason why. When Bishops know that they are hiding truth and lying publicly they are rather ineffective in communicating other truths convincingly. Archbishop Chaput continues:

Calling on Catholics to "stop thinking of the church as some kind of religious corporation, and start treating the church as our mother and teacher," the archbishop said, "When we talk about the church as if she were just another impersonal bureaucracy, what we're really doing is creating an excuse to ignore her when she teaches."

This would be much easier if the institutional Church would stop hiding behind lawyers, and beauracracy. All of the great saints of the church have overcome this, why can't our bishops?

Those who teach and preach in the name of the church "need to do it fully, zealously and with all the persuasive skill God gives us," Archbishop Chaput said.

"All of us sooner or later get tempted to edit what the church teaches so we can please our audience," he added. "But if we refuse to teach the things we disagree with, or we teach them with a 'wink and a nod' to let others know that we don't really believe what the church says -- that's dishonest."

Amen! Why do bishops disagree with what the church teaches? Or is he pointing the finger at you and I?