Wednesday, March 27, 2002

For those of you who have nothing to worry about...

He predicted the Sept. 11 attacks, and now Islam expert Dr. Robert Morey warns there are three small nuclear devices within the U.S. on standby for more terror, according to Assist News Service (ANS).

The story posted on World Net Daily says that Dr. Morey told the FBI that his sources said a nuclear device was brought into the US through Niagara Falls several years ago.

CNN reports the Bush administration received information last October outlining a plot to smuggle a stolen Russian nuclear weapon into the United States, most likely New York City. The intelligence was deemed "not to be credible" after a polygraph test determined the informant was "bogus," one official told CNN. The perceived threat was one reason the president activated a shadow government, assigning about 100 senior officials to "bunker duty" to keep the government running in the event of a catastrophic attack.

Perhaps this is what we should meditate upon during this Holy Week as we recount Our Lord's passion, death and resurrection...our need for a savior to rescue us from death. Let us pray for each other that God will protect us and save us!