Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Two quotes for today, both taken from the same book on Prayer by Jean Danielou.

The first:
Give Christ to others and save the cross for yourself.
Said by a Father Huvelin.

Too often most of us are intent on giving the cross to each other.

The Second quote:
For this world the great temptation is being sufficient unto itself; through a form of collective pride, humanity claims to be capable of solving its problems on its own.
Jean Danielou

This second quote, I believe explains all of the problems that exist in the Church today. No one preaches our utter dependence upon God in all things. Sometimes, I get the sense that it doesn't even cross anyone's mind to think that God might be able to do anything for us. When we rely on ourselves we are doomed to fail, something that is as old as original sin. A spiritual life requires constant prayer and thanksgiving at every moment of life. When we are open to God and his power, some "problems" cease to even be problems and others are solved in ways that are humanly unexplainable.