Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Thoughts on coaching changes.

Even though my initial reaction to the hiring of Ron Zook was that insanity had truly taken over at UF, with time I think it might be a good hire (depending on whether he hires Woody W. as the defensive coordinator or not). I think if Zook is a head coach and isn't calling plays that he might be able to motivate players better than Spurrier did for the big games.

I think Spurrier will do great at Washington, although I'm not all that excited about cheering for the Redskins. But they are on television alot, so who knows. Who will be the quarterback there?

It will be interesting to see who Parcells hires as offensive coordinator at Tampa Bay and who stays and who leaves among the current players.

If Tony Dungy goes to the Colts which seems likely now, I'll be stuck watching him (unless the Direct TV-Dish merger goes through). I'm sure Indy's defense will be better but it may be the end of Peyton Manning's career.