Monday, January 07, 2002

Since I have been fretting all season as to what team Steve Spurrier was going to coach in the NFL, Friday's announcement did not surprise me in the least. In fact it has been such a given that it has been the content of my frequent conversations with my other Gator fan friends. I have hoped that he would coach the Jacksonville Jaguars or Tampa Bay, but we'll see. Obviously if he coached the Colts it would be great for me.

I have also felt that Bob Stoops would be the replacement coach for the Gators since the beginning of the season. If this comes to pass I believe he will have even greater success that Spurrier did. Contrary to what some sports reporters are saying, I believe that Spurrier is more suited to the NFL than college and I also believe that Stoops is more suited to the college game. Anyway as long as Spurrier ends up with a team that I can either watch or attend and Stoops get's the Gator job, I will be very happy.