Tuesday, December 18, 2001

I've been very negligent the past few days in posting. I'd like to say that I had been incredibly busy but that would be a stretch. But here is what has transpired.

Bought a Christmas tree yesterday for $25 (it was marked $45), from the same lot that we bought the tree from last year for $65. It was drizzling this year, last year there was ample snow on the ground. The tree is a great shape, nearly perfect. It'll go up soon, probably today.

Bought a cell phone the other day and yesterday in trying to determine certain gift needs used it in a store talking to Amy, thus doing what I have condemned others for doing rather routinely for the past six or seven years. Oh well, "consistency is the hobgobblin of small minds," (Emerson, I believe).

I was watching the Jacksonville-Cleveland
game when the near riot erupted over the officiating. Even though I'm a Jaguar fan and glad that they won--the call made after another play had been run--sucked as does NFL officiating in general. These guys went on strike, demanding higher pay and have been horrible ever since--sort of like most of the high priced players.

Piano recital last night, Katie did a fine job. Overall it seemed to move a lot quicker than last year's which took place during a rather substantial snowstorm.

Sent out some Christmas cards and packages the other day. The packages went out at one of those "mailbox" places. What a ripoff! They charged $8 for a box, $4 for the material (read a few packing peanuts), and another $4 to place the items in the box--doing all of the above without ever mentioning that I was being charged for any of it. Of course none of it will get there on time, but that is a given.