Sunday, December 09, 2001

If there were a playoff in NCAA college football, like there is in every other NCAA college sport, including football at the lower divisions we would be getting ready for the playoffs to begin. The top 16 teams would begin playing, 16 vs. 1, 15 vs. 2 and on down. There would be no controversy and all of the top teams would have an equal opportunity to proove who is the best team in the country by beating the other best teams from around the country. As it is we are stuck with a system where 1 or 2 losses throw you out of the picture.
Those in favor of the current system say that it makes every game count, as though every game still would not count to make the final cut in a system that had a playoff.
What they mean is, that every game from the first to the last counts as much. This is unfortunate. College football does not have a "preseason" and early games in the season are often "rough" with teams still gelling. Not all teams play in conference championships, where a team has to replay a team they have already beaten earlier and where seldom are the two best teams in the conference even playing each other for the title (last night's SEC championship game would be an example # 2 vs. # 20--while both Florida #6 and Georgia are ranked ahead of LSU neither of them could play in the championship because they both are in the same geographical region as TN). In a sense the whole BCS and college championship is meaningless as it exist now. It is simply a matter of the whim of pollsters and the luck of what type of season a particular conference has.
The other major problem with the current system is that you have games where everything is on the line for one team and nothing is on the line for the other. The past three weeks have been filled with these type of games and in almost every case the team that was an underdog won because quite frankly they played "loose." The only team to escape these upsets was Miami and it only escaped because both times they were on the verge of being upset their oponents suddenly choked, because suddenly they felt the pressure of being on the verge of doing something "big."
One can only hope that the Bowls will suffer from incredibly low turn out this year. Because they have become even more meaningless in the world of the BCS. By creating a pseudo "championship game" there no longer is any intrigue about the bowl games where a "national champion" might emerge from anyone of the many bowl games if enough teams are upset. It may happen that the only way to save the "bowls" is to make them the spots of "playoff games." Hopefully this will happen and happen soon.