Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Today is the Feast day of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. Mother Cabrini was from Italy but lived, worked and died as a missionary sister in our country. She is the Patron Saint of Immigrants. There is a beautiful shrine dedicated to her in Chicago at the Columbus Hospital where she died (not as a patient but in her residence which was adjacent to the hospital). In this time where some immigrants not doubt are finding it difficult because they happen to share features or dialect of suspected terrorists, it is a good time to invoke Mother Cabrini's intercession that we might always accept the strangers we encounter as Christ.

While researching links to attach to this piece, I have learned that Columbus Hospital has closed in Chicago. It seems that the plans for the building are still up in the air, although one plan calls for the Hospital to be torn down with the exception of the Mother Cabrini Chapel and shrine. This is sad news.