Monday, November 19, 2001

First, my review of the new theater which is operated by Rave Motion Pictures, in a word: Excellent! As they advertise, plenty of room, built high, big screens, no waiting at the concession stands and a great sound system. They also started the movie on time.
I was there to see the Harry Potter movie. Since I had not read any of the books, I did not suffer the usual letdown that the screenplay doesn't live up to the book. I liked the story, it reminded me of most British stories which seem to be preoccupied with orphans rising above it all (one thinks of Dickens). It also reminded me alot of monasticism and how people on the outside of a monastery imagine all types of wizardry to be going on behind the walls of a monastery and monastic school. All in all a fun movie and not the explosion of the occult that I have read on some Christian and Catholic sites claiming it to be. It is more likely those who see evil in everything that are into the occult (perhaps without even knowing it)!