Tuesday, October 16, 2001

For those of you who are joining the paranoia of the present moment and want to check out whether the latest rumor is true or not, I recommend checking out the Urban Legends Reference page and clicking on Rumors of War. It is updated daily and sometimes it has actually added to my paranoia by alerting me to true rumors that I wasn't even aware of until reading about it there.

For those who want to increase their paranoia check out the Debka page. Here you will find that not only is India attacking Pakistan, but Russia is getting ready to invade Kabul, and China is massing it's troops to the north. All setting the stage for World War (the last, it's all over, III).

For those of you who would like a more spiritual paranoia check out the Spirit Daily page. Here you will find that everything that has happened was predicted by several mystics and that there are even worst things on the horizon. A caveat to this, which I think is on there page somewhere is the disappointing Third Secret of Fatima. You may recall that when the Vatican released it they said that referred to events in the past. The pope walking with halting step, half trembling through the ruins of a big city, half in ruins and coming to a cross and then he is shot with bullets and arrows. Looking at the ruins of the World Trade Center and the steel cross in the midst called to mind the secret. Also of course the pope's current state seems to mimic the details of the secret. One wonders if the pope will die a natural death or he too will be the victim of a terrorist? This story seems indicates that he is high on their list of targets.